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Hi, I'm Joe. I like to develop websites, both frontend and backend and I like to dabble in random projects in Python and JavaScript. I've been interested in coding since I was 11 and have mostly self-taught it.

Most Recent Projects

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Legacy Freight Services

Another Virtual Trucking Company I was at, I was also a developer for some time, making the drivers hub in pure PHP, before I even knew of laravel!

Please note, I only worked on the PRIVATE drivers hub, not the main site.

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Atlas Gaming Group

I was a developer for a short time at Atlas Gaming Group, and helped make a few pages for the portal in laravel during my time there.

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I also made the landing page for a hosting company me and my friends have, YourFriendlyHost.

School Dashboard

For my A-Level Computer Science project, I'm currently working on a dashboard for my school which will be able to manage your homework, timetable, events etc. written using laravel. [No photos for privacy]

Personal Website

I will be remaking my website (JoesInfo) in laravel when I get time, but I just wanted a portfolio up for now.